BSO gives tour of drug dealer's hotel room stash

BSO arrested 82 drug dealers, executed 14 search warrants and seized more than 65 pounds of drugs, $151,000 and 15 guns in a three-day crackdown known a "Operation Bad Dose." Marilyn Aguilera was ready to accept a plea deal of four years in prison, but showed up hours late and waffled so much that a judge set a trial date for December.

Neighbor sues to block David Beckham soccer stadium in Miami over no-bid deal

David Beckham arrives for a party at the Adrienne Arsht Center on February 4, 2014 as he launched a public campaign for a Miami soccer stadium he hoped to lock down that year. Instead, Miami-Dade is facing a lawsuit over a stadium deal that still hasn't closed as of late July in 2017.

Tree-devouring a oewhite boxesa invade lush Coconut Grove, and the locals revolt

In Miami's lushly verdant north Coconut Grove, on a winding street that's hardly more than a lane, Bob Easterling lives in a 65-year-old house shrouded in trees. His home's neighbors on Opechee Drive are a picturesquely disparate lot.

Babson College plans to launch Miami campus for graduate programs

Babson College plans to announce Monday that it is expanding to Miami, where it will begin offering some of its top-ranked graduate programs in the fall of 2018. Babson's newest hub, which will be located at the Cambridge Innovation Center at 1951 NW 7th Ave., will build on its base of 1,300 area alumni, the institution's fourth largest alumni group, and a growing relationship in Miami's entrepreneurship community.

Florida man shoots AT&T trucks parked outside his house

A Florida man shot out the tires of AT&T trucks parked outside his house, police told NBC6 in Miami. Jorge Jove, 64, a retired firefighter, asked the workers to move.


Births/Deaths Marriages

Watkins, Robert G.

WATKINS Robert G. Watkins - Born 7/6/1929 passed on 7/8/2017 We just shared a very special "88th" Birthday with our incredible...

Brossier, Sandra Lee Sands

BROSSIER, SANDRA LEE SANDS On July 13th, 2017, Sandra Lee Sands Brossier went to the arms of the Lord. She was born in Miami, Florida on the 13th of...

Rumowicz, Edmund S.

RUMOWICZ, EDMUND S. An Old Sea Dog is Called Home Loved husband, father, grand-father, and great-grandfather, Edmund S. Rumowicz passed Sunday July...

Nexer, Sylvia Hanin

NEXER, SYLVIA HANIN, beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on July 18th. Born on January...

Fields, George H.

FIELDS, GEORGE H. 3/20/1946 - 7/17/17 George Fields (71) passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family after a battle with Cancer. He is...


Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony
Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 8:00 PM

American Airlines Arena

601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33132 United States


Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 8:00 PM

American Airlines Arena

601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33132 United States

Can’t get to the MLB All-Star Game? Still plenty of big league action in Miami.

Miami Marlins sluggers Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna are in the All-Star game line-up and Stanton has confirmed his attendance at Home Run Derby. But let’s face it, getting tickets to either the All-Star Game or Home Run Derby is virtually impossible, with the exception of draining your bank account. But hope is not lost. … Continue reading "Can’t get to the MLB All-Star Game? Still plenty of big league action in Miami."

Keep the Fourth of July relaxation going into the weekend at these Miami events

Friday, July 7 AN AWFUL HOWL HURRICANE ANDREW: 25 YEARS LATER Major, 5,000-sq- ft. exhibition chronicles the story of The Big One that devastated South Florida on Aug. 24, 1992, from its formation to its legacy. You’ll see eyewitness storytelling, historical footage, documentary photography, artifacts and Hurricane Andrew-inspired artwork. Details: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday-Saturday, and … Continue reading "Keep the Fourth of July relaxation going into the weekend at these Miami events"

How do astronauts poop in space? Frost Science’s latest exhibit answers your burning questions about the cosmos.

It is one of the most pondered questions about space exploration, a quandary we all contemplate as we watch those videos of astronauts goofing around with a weightless bubble of water in zero gravity. How do astronauts pee in space? Further, what are the logistics of doing no. 2? These questions – among other more … Continue reading "How do astronauts poop in space? Frost Science’s latest exhibit answers your burning questions about the cosmos."

School/Class News

Harvard Business School’s John Quelch Appointed Dean of School of Business Administration

Harvard Business School’s John Quelch, an internationally recognized scholar on the marketing implications of globalization and a former dean of two international business schools, has been named the dean of the School of Business.

Poor Understanding of Ratios Leads to Bad Shopping Decisions, Says Marketing Department Study

Consumers make poor purchase decisions when they need to work with ratios to assess a product’s value, says a new School of Business study.

From Corporate Tax Reform to a Live Tour of the ‘Dark Web,’ Accounting Professionals Examine Post Election Challenges and Opportunities

Corporate tax reform, cybersecurity risks and financial regulations were timely discussion topics at "Post Election Challenges and Opportunities," the 2017 Business ForUM hosted by the School’s Department of Accounting.

Finance Professor Named Associate Editor at World-Leading Journal

Henrik Cronqvist has been appointed to a three-year term as associate editor of the Review of Financial Studies.

Top Students and Faculty Honored in Graduation Award Receptions

The best among the School’s graduate and undergraduate classes of 2017, along with their favorite professors, have been honored as part of annual awards programs held at the School prior to commencement.






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2017 Training Camp Preview: DB

Players on the roster: CB Byron Maxwell, CB Xavien Howard, CB Tony Lippett, S Reshad Jones, S Nate Allen, S T.J. McDonald, CB Bobby McCain, S Michael Thomas, S Walt Aikens, CB Lafayette Pitts, CB J...

Score! Hottest players in international soccer coming to Miami

Edinson Cavani is hot stuff. He’s also really, really nice.  The soccer star who plays with Paris St Germain was at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Thursday for a team photo shoot.  The guys will play the 2017 International Champions Cup next week at Hard Rock Stadium against Italian league champion Juventus. The July 26 exhibition match … Continue reading "Score! Hottest players in international soccer coming to Miami"

Voice Of The Fan: Training Camp Preview

The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on “Voice of the Fan” we’ll get their though...

Alumni 5: Five Questions With Bob Baumhower

What was the funniest moment you saw in a locker room?  I was notorious for exotic pets. I had a lion at one time. I had a few different kinds of creatures. Somebody had given me a couple of ferr...

Miami Dolphins Visit Baptist Children’s Hospital

Davie, Fla. – Miami Dolphins players Isaac Asiata and Mike Pouncey, cheerleaders Agustina and Jennifer, mascot T.D. along with Jennifer and Art Gase today visited Baptist Children’s Hospital. “I...


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The Single Guy Blog

My Dream Girl’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Well after a month of stalking my dream girl’s facebook page I finally found out who her baby daddy is. To get you up to speed I was shocked a while back to find out my dream girl was pregnant. I had never even seen her post anything about a man in her life. Well after a long wait she finally tagged her baby daddy to a post about the baby. I of course had to click on his name and check him out. And of course he is a low ranking military guy. Now don’t get me wrong I respect our military. But in this area most of the military guys are not the most upstanding people. And this guy is no different. So prediction-in a year or two my dream girl will be a single mother,left by her baby daddy when he got transfered or cheated on her with some other flavor of the week. But hey that is the life of a single guy-watching the hot girls fall for the cool guys that don’t deserve them and will treat them like crap.

Whats Really
News Blog

War Is Coming

People don’t want to admit it but war is coming between the U.S. and North Korea. North Korea is getting close to having a long range Nuclear missile that can hit the U.S. Americans don’t have the stomach for war but they need to get it and fast. If North Korea is allowed to get a missile that can strike our home land the party is over. The war is not going to be pretty. Lots of people in South Korea will die and so will American soldiers. But war is the only way to stop the mad man in the North. The left wing Liberals,liberal media and lots of gutless Americans think that we can talk to the leader of North Korea to get him to stop his Nuclear and missle programs. But that just won’t work. The more we talk the more he keeps building. He now has a million man army. Now to be honest-again something the Liberal media will not tell you-a lot of those million soldiers in the North are just teenagers. When the real fighting starts a lot of that million is going to run home to mommie. Right now the boys think they are cool in a uniform fighting for their country,but when the bullets and bombs fly the coolness will end and they will drop their arms and run. But there will still be soldiers that fight. The war will start shortly with an air campaign. Once our bombings of the North start then North Korea will start bombing South Korea. Then China will get in as well as Japan. If we are lucky the Russians might sit this one out. They have no real interest in that area of the world and they know they have their hands full in Syria. The war will be short but bloody. And President Trump will carry the blame,when he is actually doing what Presidents before him should have done. They should have stopped North Korea long ago before they were strong enough to give us a battle. But yes America war is coming-so get ready for it!

Miami Blog

PHOTOS: Miami Beach Swim Week brings the babes

It’s a tradeshow that boasts over 2,500 brands. Swim Week is here, so we stopped by runway shows for Lolli Swim, Beach Bunny and For Love and Lemons.

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